Mix Tape

Mix Tape

A mixtape (also mix-tape or mix tape) is a home-made compilation of music (typically copyrighted songs taken from other sources) recorded in a specific order, traditionally onto a cassette tape, though later replaced by CD or MP3 playlist formats.[1] The songs can be sequential, or by beatmatching the songs and creating overlaps and fades between the end of one song and the beginning of another the tape may become a seamless whole. Compilations may include a selection of favorite songs, or music linked by theme or mood, perhaps tailored to the tape's intended recipient.

Writing in 2004, essayist Geoffrey O'Brien called the personal mix tape "perhaps the most widely practiced American art form".[2][3]

"Mixtape" is also used in hip hop to describe certain types of recordings, typically self-produced and independently released albums that are issued free of charge to gain publicity and/or circumvent possible copyright infringement.

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